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GitLab Makes Economic Case for DevOps Platform

GitLab is advancing its case for integrating as many DevOps processes as possible on a single platform by making available an economic analysis that claims organizations can improve application development and delivery by 87%, resulting in a savings of more than $23 million.

Based on an analysis conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of GitLab, the report concludes organizations can save as much as $3.7 million by reducing the number of DevOps tools they need to acquire by a factor of four.

The report also claims organizations can also see a 12x increase in the number of revenue-generating application releases in a year, resulting in $12.3 million in additional revenue, while at the same time reducing code defects to generate more than $16.8 million in savings.

Overall, the report says there is a 407% return on investment (ROI) in the GitLab platform.