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Cloud Computing with Microsoft Azure

Cloud computing is the new trend in the IT industry and everyone seems to be following it.

But, what is cloud computing, to be precise?

Cloud computing is the delivery of hosted services on the internet. Companies prefer to store, manage and process data on external remote servers rather than establishing a physical structure. This procedure supplies a great deal of flexibility, and lowers the price of services to people. One can scale up the role of cloud technology and the benefit of reducing prices and increase scalability by a hundred fold.

For current IT and aspiring professionals, Open IT Labz is a single-stop center for career- oriented training and credentials. We have a wide variety of courses on cloud computing, which today is highly demanded in the IT industry. Our top three cloud service certificate courses include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Whether it is classroom training or online teacher-guided training on cloud computing courses, Open IT Labz will help, students will be able to grab in depth knowledge to manage, process and store a huge amount of data on distinct hosts. With our below-mentioned programs, learners can look onward to becoming cloud leaders and cost savers for businesses.

Microsoft Azure

Azure is a growing industry today. In the present situation where cloud suppliers are evolving, Microsoft Azure has secured an area and is steadily growing in the mart. It offers a variety of good services and works like an integrated cloud service developed to create and manage applications.

If you want to explore more opportunities with Azure, then Open IT Labz will help you master the skill in Microsoft Azure. Break out our assortment of courses to know more.

Why choose a course in Microsoft?

Career opportunities with Microsoft Azure aren't something one will ignore. Azure certifications help an individual to enhance their cloud computing skills. The fact that the IT industry is shifting to being a cloud-based technology, certificate in Azure currently holds a high requirement. Windows and Linux are the most widely used systems, and so, having your cloud competencies validated by Microsoft would indeed be a big start in your career path. Open IT Labz’s Microsoft Azure Certification Training Course will help you familiarize with the chief principles of swarm computing. This course with enhance you to gather knowledge of Azure services, compliance, privacy, trust, pricing and help documentation.

Microsoft Certified Expert, Azure Solutions Architect course provides you a fully hands-on driven training on Architect Technologies offered by Microsoft Azure. Learners will be able to plan the architectures and their design patterns, choose the appropriate Compute, Integration and Storage solutions, Create PaaS solutions and configure authentication and authorization for those solutions.

Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate AZ 103

Manage Azure subscriptions

  • assign administrator permissions
  • configure cost center quotas and tagging
  • configure policies at Azure subscription level

Analyze resource utilization and consumption

  • configure diagnostic settings on resources
  • create baseline for resources
  • create and test alerts
  • analyze alerts across subscription
  • analyze metrics across subscription
  • create action groups and action rules
  • monitor for unused resources
  • monitor spend
  • report on spend
  • utilize log queries in Azure Monitor
  • view alerts in Azure Monitor

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