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The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a collection of cloud computing services that Google offers. It employs the same internal infrastructure as Google does for its consumer products including Google Search, Gmail, Drive, and YouTube. It offers a number of modular cloud services, such as computing, data storage, data analytics, and machine learning, in addition to a set of management tools. An account number or credit card are needed for registration. Serverless computing environments, platform as a service, and infrastructure as a service are all offered by Google Cloud Platform. The public cloud infrastructure for Google Cloud Platform is a component of Google Cloud, which also includes Google Workspace (G Suite), Android and Chrome OS for businesses, and application programming interfaces (APIs) for machine learning and enterprise mapping services.
Course syllabus
1. Compute: • Cloud Function (SERVERLESS) • GCE • GKE • Google APP Engine • Google Instance Group • Cloud Run 2. Network: • Cloud Load Balancer • Cloud Firewall • VPC • Cloud DNS • Cloud NAT 3. Storage: • Cloud Storage • Persistent Disk 4. IAM: • GCP IAM 5. Automation Services: • Google Cloud Deployment Manager • G-CLOUD CLI • CLOUD 6. Monitoring & Logging: • STACKDRIVER 7. Data Services: • Cloud Big Query • Cloud Spanner • Cloud PUB/SUB • Cloud Big Table • Cloud DATAPROC • Cloud SQL
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