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DevOps is a set of tools and practices that integrate IT processes in a company for the faster deployment of software. In a DevOps model, there is significant collaboration between teams and DevOps engineers have multiple skills. A DevOps engineer must have basic knowledge of all concepts in computer science. So this course is recommended for students or professionals from the IT industry. OpenITLabz offers DevOps training and placement assistance to kick-start the next phase of your professional life. Possible career paths include DevOps Engineer, DevOps Manager, DevOps Lead, and DevOps Architect. Our DevOps certification course covers tools such as Jenkins, Git, Kubernetes, Prometheus, Terraform, and Docker. Several leading MNCs around the world use the DevOps model to streamline their IT processes. Some of them are Amazon, Netflix, Adobe, and HP. By undergoing DevOps training in Pune at OpenITLabz you can be a part of these giants. So what are you waiting for? Take DevOps training online or at our institute and understand the methodologies needed to balance the entire software development lifecycle. Embrace automation and drive change!
Course syllabus
• Introduction to DevOps • Operating Systems & Linux Basics • Version Control with Git • Build Tools and Package Manager Tools • Artifact Repository Manager with Nexus • Containers with Docker • Build Automation & CI/CD with Jenkins • Cloud Services • Container Orchestration with Kubernetes • Infrastructure as Code with Terraform • Configuration Management with Ansible • Monitoring with Prometheus
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