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Full-stack Web Development

Get real experience to develop and learn the extremely in-demand skill in growing IT industry.

What is Full-stack Web Development?

Full-stack Web Development refers to the development of both front-end and back-end of the application. Its development is made up of three layers. Presentation Layer, Business Logic Layer, and the Database Layer.  The user-facing side, or front end, handles the presentation portion of a page, app, or service. The Presentation Layer also known as user interface layer which is consists of front-end development of the system. The Business Logic Layer is the back-end development which handles information validation, and the Database Layer keeps track of the information exchange.

Open IT Labz’s Full-Stack Developer training program offers extensive hands-on training in front-end, database, and back-end technology skills along with practical exercise in a wide range of projects which are based on real business scenarios.

Our Full-stack Development course in Pune aims to provision participating candidates with in-demand technical skills such as building robust and scalable web apps and websites, backend APIs, interactive UI design, and database design along with the practical knowledge of latest technologies used in the IT industry.

Why choose Full-stack Web Development course?

Full stack web development involves creating web and mobile applications from start to finish. Full stack web developers are the one of the best technical hire for any IT organization because they are able to work anywhere in the stack and are able to address all aspects of web development process.

Do you want to become a full stack web developer or want to enhance your skills as a full stack web developer? Here’s a best courses and tutorials that will help you learn the right skills and right technology to grow into profession of web development and advance yourself as full stack web developer.

If you want to build a booming career in software development, Open IT Labz’s offers you the best course in full stack development. With a combination of carefully crafted curriculum, training structure, hands-on practical on the live projects and top-notch instructors you will be able to gain highest rated technical stuff to become master in the software development field.



Full-stack Web Development Certificate

The Full-Stack Web Development course and certificate will make you understand and gain expertise in programming concepts relating to handling both client and server development ends. Open IT Labz’s Full-stack Web Development Certification course will help you differentiate yourself with multi-platform fluency.

Get certified from Open IT Labz and ignite Your Career as a Full Stack Web Developer or Full Stack Engineer.


·         Graduates, Postgraduates, Industry professionals.

·         Those who are looking for career transition and want to become Full Stack Web Developer

·         Aspiring web developers and web designers

·         IT professionals, Team Lead, Technical Analyst


This course is helpful for learners with basic knowledge on programming language.

Skills Imparted in this Course

On successfully completion of this course, you will be able to,

·         Build an end-to-end application as per the requirement

·         Build a site backend in programming languages

·         Analyze a project and choose a technical solution

·         Design technical architecture

·         Use front-end libraries or frameworks

·         Work on the frontend, backend, database

·         Manage application deployment

·         Debug of web application or websites

·         Perform sysadmin tasks

·         Create web projects with JavaScript

·         Write a query for database that uses and stores information

·         Run SQL queries on databases

·         Design, develop and deploy interactive websites.

·         Implement unit and integration tests

·         Write project documentation

Learn Full Stack Development from leading experts and become professional software developer. At Open IT Labz, full-stack web development training centre in Pune we'll provide a world-class training for becoming an expert software developer. Though it is online training we assured 100% guarantee for the in-depth knowledge and specialization in course. Contact us Now for the further details.

Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate AZ 103

Manage Azure subscriptions

  • assign administrator permissions
  • configure cost center quotas and tagging
  • configure policies at Azure subscription level

Analyze resource utilization and consumption

  • configure diagnostic settings on resources
  • create baseline for resources
  • create and test alerts
  • analyze alerts across subscription
  • analyze metrics across subscription
  • create action groups and action rules
  • monitor for unused resources
  • monitor spend
  • report on spend
  • utilize log queries in Azure Monitor
  • view alerts in Azure Monitor

Manage resource groups

  • use Azure policies for resource groups
  • configure resource locks
  • configure resource policies
  • identify auditing requirements
  • implement and set tagging on resource groups
  • move resources across resource groups
  • remove resource groups

Managed role based access control (RBAC)

  • create a custom role
  • configure access to Azure resources by assigning roles
  • configure management access to Azure, troubleshoot RBAC, implement RBAC policies, assign RBAC Roles

Create and configure storage accounts

  • configure network access to the storage account
  • create and configure storage account
  • generate shared access signature
  • install and use Azure Storage Explorer
  • manage access keys
  • monitor activity log by using Monitor Logs
  • implement Azure storage replication
  • implement Azure AD authentication

Import and export data to Azure

  • create export from Azure job
  • create import into Azure job
  • use Azure Data Box
  • configure and use Azure blob storage
  • configure Azure content delivery network (CDN) endpoints

Configure Azure files

  • create Azure file share
  • create Azure File Sync service
  • create Azure sync group
  • troubleshoot Azure File Sync

Implement Azure backup

  • configure and review backup reports
  • perform backup operation
  • create Recovery Services Vault
  • create and configure backup policy
  • perform a restore operation

Create and configure a VM for Windows and Linux

  • configure high availability
  • configure monitoring, networking, storage, and virtual machine size
  • deploy and configure scale sets

Automate deployment of VMs

  • modify Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template
  • configure location of new VMs
  • configure VHD template
  • deploy from template
  • save a deployment as an ARM template
  • deploy Windows and Linux VMs

Manage Azure VM

  • add data discs
  • add network interfaces
  • automate configuration management by using PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) and VM Agent by using custom script extensions
  • manage VM sizes
  • move VMs from one resource group to another
  • redeploy VMs
  • soft delete for Azure VMs

Manage VM backups

  • configure VM backup
  • define backup policies
  • implement backup policies
  • perform VM restore
  • Azure Site Recovery

Create connectivity between virtual networks

  • create and configure VNET peering
  • create and configure VNET to VNET connections
  • verify virtual network connectivity
  • create virtual network gateway

Implement and manage virtual networking

  • configure private and public IP addresses, network routes, network interface, subnets, and virtual network

Configure name resolution

  • configure Azure DNS
  • configure custom DNS settings
  • configure private and public DNS zones

Create and configure a Network Security Group (NSG)

  • create security rules
  • associate NSG to a subnet or network interface
  • identify required ports
  • evaluate effective security rules

Implement Azure load balancer

  • configure internal load balancer, configure load balancing rules, configure public load balancer, troubleshoot load balancing

Monitor and troubleshoot virtual networking

  • monitor on-premises connectivity, use Network resource monitoring, use Network Watcher, troubleshoot external networking, troubleshoot virtual network connectivity

Integrate on premises network with Azure virtual network

  • create and configure Azure VPN Gateway, create and configure site to site VPN, configure Express Route, verify on premises connectivity, troubleshoot on premises connectivity with Azure

Manage Azure Active Directory (AD)

  • add custom domains
  • Azure AD Join
  • configure self-service password reset
  • manage multiple directories

Manage Azure AD objects (users, groups, and devices)

  • create users and groups
  • manage user and group properties
  • manage device settings
  • perform bulk user updates
  • manage guest accounts

Implement and manage hybrid identities

  • install Azure AD Connect, including password hash and pass-through synchronization
  • use Azure AD Connect to configure federation with on-premises Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS)
  • manage Azure AD Connect
  • manage password sync and password writeback

Implement multi-factor authentication (MFA)

  • configure user accounts for MFA, enable MFA by using bulk update, configure fraud alerts, configure bypass options, configure Trusted IPs, configure verification methods

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